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Meat Fondue
"coeur de filet de boeuf"

In addition to a variety of cheese fondues we also serve several meat fondues. We pride ourselves on the fine quality of our meat supplied by local farmers. This fondue, like cheese fondue, is a classic and excellent for tables with friends and family.

The “Coeur de filet de boeuf “ is the central piece of the fillet and is the most tender and the best piece of the beef.

We offer 3 different meat fondues, of which two are classics and one is our own house fondue.


Fondue Boyarde :

This dish is well known in Switzerland. The meat is prime beef filet cut into cubes and the broth consists of red wine mixed with beef stock which cuts the acidity of the wine and provides a richer flavour. Such really tender meat combined with the rich flavours of the broth, makes this dish truly delicious, definitely one to try for meat lovers.


Fondue Chinoise :

This popular dish is also very well known in Switzerland, and appreciated by all.  The boiling broth is made with beef stock and the famous Chinese mushrooms. We serve three different kinds of meat, tender beef, turkey and horsemeat. This is definitely a dish not to miss out on.


Fondue Caveau :

This is our in-house specialty, created by our chef. Freshly mixed vegetables are added to the boiling broth.  And this fondue, like the Fondue Boyarde, comes with cubes of prime beef filet. A wonderful dish, quite unique and great for those who prefer an alternative to a red wine broth.