You may have noticed that the Swiss eat a lot of fondue. It is a well-loved and convivial dish that the Swiss indulge in throughout the winter months and even on cool summer evenings. In Switzerland, you can eat fondue all year long!

At Restaurant Le Museum, we use only the original Swiss cheese fondue, a mixture of Gruyère and Vacherin fribourgeois cheeses which is highly appreciated.

Cheese fondue variations can be very innovative: you may choose between the original moitié-moitié, the fondue valaisanne with tomatoes and potatoes, or our amazing truffle fondue.

The recommended finish to a fondue dinner is a glass of kirsch, but if your appetite is, amazingly, not yet fully satiated, give chocolate fondue a try – decadent and delicious.

Utensils, etiquette and technique

The long fondue fork is, traditionally, only for dipping pieces of bread in the fondue. In theory you should place the dipped bread on your plate and proceed to eat it with a regular knife and fork; in practice, however, you do what you want.

Bread dipping serves not only to convey the molten cheese from pot to mouth, it’s also an opportunity to stir the fondue regularly. So with each dip you should plunge your bread-loaded fork all the way to the bottom of the pot and give a few good, vigorous stirs. Then remove the hot, cheesy morsel, lingering over the pot for a moment to let the excess drip off, and either eat it straight away or allow it to cool for a moment on your plate.


The bread (and how not to lose it)

By tradition, the bread is supposed to be day-old to enhance its sturdiness, but this isn’t absolutely necessary. It is most often served cut into cubes. Help yourself to a slice and tear it into chunks as you go, allowing each chunk some crust that you can then pierce with your fondue fork; this will reduce the risk of the bread disintegrating and disappearing into the fondue. If a piece of bread should nevertheless manage to escape from your fork, traditionally there can be penalties for this, for example paying for the wine, kissing the person next to you, or completing a dare.


Innovative Variations

In addition to a variety of cheese fondues we also serve several meat fondues and fish pot, a delicious and eye-catching dish.

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